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Conscious Leadership, Stress, Health, Consciousness, Wellness




We are dedicated to helping people and organizations live happier and balanced lives, and to engage at work with more creativity,

productivity, and presence, while maintaining growth.

of US workers don't feel
engaged at work
Gallup, 2014
of US workers are dissatisfied with their jobs
Conference Board, 2014

Delivering consciousness expanding tools to help you and your team:

  • Reduce Expenses; especially health and absenteeism related.

  • Increase Productivity

  • Improve Team Morale

  • Better Job Satisfaction and Engagement

  • Be Happier :)

Using tools such as meditation and breathing as well as coaching and group dynamics, our work stimulates creativity, improves interpersonal relationships, brings more clarity in communication, and increases your ability to concentrate. This results in a more integrated and consequently more productive and efficient work environment.


(For Businesses)


We approach common issues faced by people at work. Smooth relationships, clear communication, and acknowledgment of our own responsibilities are essential parts of a truly successful and sustainable business. Our workshops are crafted to meet specific needs of each business environment.


This is our Wellness Coaching  program specially crafted to help business teams, managers and leaders to become more conscious. We do that by teaching tools which enhance their ability to identify issues with more clarity, waste less time with unecessary issues, increase creativity to ensure an edge on innovation, improve interpersonal relationships, increase self-esteem, and other benefits. Our consulting programs are 90 or 180 days long, based on the clients' needs.


Weekend programs to take our workshops out of the office routine. Business retreats are also tailor made based on your needs​. We will make an assessment together to identify what fulfills the need best. It is amazing how much team coherence is gained with just one or two days of unity and inspiration at a unique setting. The retreats can also be a digital detox or include part of a client's strategic meeting.


(For Individuals)


These are 4-day programs of aproximately 2-hour sessions each day. Here you will learn how to practice basic meditation and breathing techniques which will enable you to take them with you whereever you are.

Wellness Coaching

Specific number of sessions to get you living a more balanced and fulfilled life by using consciousness expanding tools adapted to your necessities, reality and routine.


Weekends or weeklong programs to take you away from your routine and help you reset your biological rhythm. 

André is a stress management consultant, helping people and organizations live in harmony through consciousness expanding experiences. André founded Mantri in 2013 to offer such life in harmony using tools such as meditation, breathing and sound as well as coaching and group dynamics. André was introduced to the practice of meditation, yoga asanas, and breathing in 1991. Since then, he has been regularly practicing and studying vedic knowledge. He is a management graduate from Maharishi University of Management (1997), where he also studied subjects on vedic science, ayurveda, higher states of consciousness, vedic psychology, and the TM-Sidhis technique. Up until 2013, he spent his career as an executive in different areas, such as retail in USA, food safety in Brazil, technology and innovation in USA and Brazil. Today, André divides his time between Rio de Janeiro and the USA, where his two boys live.

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